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Internet Services

We design and develop advanced websites and blogs using, AJAX, jquery, CSS, HTML, and WCF. We also offer video, flash, e-commerce, geomapping, blogging, social media and SEO.
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Video Production

Nothing grabs your audience today like video. Internet, DVD's, mobile devices... it's a video world. We were doing video on CD-Rom in the 90's for Polaroid and we're still doing it today.
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Digital Photography

Good photography and photo manipulation will create that exciting, story-telling photograph you need. Our studio or on-location.
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Wide Format Inkjet Printing

Photo-realistic inkjet printing is accomplished using Epson printers and ink. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
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4 Color Design and Printing

We've been designing process color jobs since 1997. In 2010, Rapid Exposure partnered with one of the largest 4 color printing houses in the country and opened MyRapidPrinting.
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Studio Space

Our 1800 sq. ft. studio is ideal for any kind of photo shoot.
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Portrait, Fashion, Beauty Photography

Our 1800 sq. ft. studio is ideal for any kind of photo shoot. Changing /makeup room available.
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RED Ultra Hi-Resolution Video

RED. For the highest resolution video available today. Available through Rapid Exposure, LLC
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Portrait Photography

In studio or on-location corporate photography for annual reports, brochures, websites and more.
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Rapid deployment of websites, blogs, videos, printed materials...
...A unique business with over 25 years business experience, always on the cutting edge.


Custom designed websites, e-commerce, content management systems and advanced web technologies are our specialty. We're a one-stop shop!


We offer both studio or on-location shooting. We're also very strong in photoshop. Corporate, portrait, beauty and fashion. Studio 1800 sq ft.


We offer professional graphic design services, in-house wide format printing and our own 4-color offset print store, MyRapidPrinting.


We've done videos and documentaries for over 16 years, for such names as Polaroid, Data General and Eric Clapton. For web, mobile and DVD.

Latest Posts


Crossroads Centre Antigua

This video promotes Eric Clapton's treatment center in Antigua. Rapid Exposure also designed and maintains the Crossroads Centre website,


Training ordinary citizens in towns across Connecticut to be skilled in CPR and the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED's). To see photos of a few of the 43 interviews, click here. CLIENT: State of CT Health Department and CCFH

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