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March 13, 2011in Blogs

Daily Brainstorm

The Daily Brainstorm is a blogazine, which is published daily by seven editors around the world. Content is obtained by automated rss stream from over 140 contributors. Every evening editors select post to be published and layout each edition with software tools written by Rapid Exposure.
March 13, 2011in Blogs


Superpreneurs is a new blog built in the WordPress platform with special ASP.NET functionality built in. The home page slider teases vistors to subscriber to the blog in order to obtain a Superpreneurs assessment. This links to a questionaire and results in a customized ebook produced on the fly for each participant. This gives very useful information, based on the questionaire response, in an ebook format.
March 13, 2011in Blogs

Life With Purpose

Life With Purpose is a new blog created by Rapid Exposure using the WordPress platform.