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Communication, commerce, communities... the internet is where it's at today. In our web section, you will see that we can create some compelling designs. But making us even more useful to you is what goes on under the hood of some of our websites. Take a look at the Advanced Web Technologies section of our Web menu and see that if you can dream it, we can make it happen.  


When CD-Roms became available in the late 90's, we put a postage size video in a Macromedia Director program for CADKEY. It was the first time a CD was used to market anything in the CAD industry. From there we went to Polariod and created many multimedia programs and videos, and no we weren't the cause of Polaroid's demise. Today were still doing tons of video for tech, health agencies, state and federal programs, and putting them on DVD, internet and television.


At Rapid Exposure, we have the use of the 1800 square foot Pixeledge Studio (partner owned) in Chicopee, MA for portraits, fashion, products and any other photography you might need. We have a full line of light modifiers including softboxes, striplights, fresnel lens, umbrellas, beauty dish, grid spots, 4 750 Calumet Travelights (with battery power for location shoots), backgrounds, and more. Once the shot is taken by one of our skilled photographers, we have a full suite of CS5 software tools to enhance, retouch and manipulate the images when necessary to create great photos. See examples of our work in the photography section.


When Photoshop 1.0 came out, we brought one of the first digitally designed 4 color jobs to a printshop in CT - a job for Auto Palace of a racing car in fireworks. After it was printed, no one understood how it was done... the world was young then. Most of the printers and designers today have no idea how it used to be done. Waxing phototype, shooting halftones on a big camera, slicing your finger with an Xacto knife... We don't miss those days - because the digital design possibilities today are endless and exciting.

Rapid Exposure has it's roots in printing and we still set up our own 4/color jobs. We've even added, where you can open an account and upload your files and get great quality printing at great prices.

We are also big into 'big color'. With two Epson printers, the 44" 9900 and the 64" GS6000 and the rugged faithful Roland 54" 540EX, we can handle any printing job from fine art canvas to photographic enlargements to car magnets and vinyl banners.

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