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Advanced Web Technologies

Individual & Organization
Mapping & Matching
With Volunteer Tracking

This site features robust web technologies designed to map human assets and link up individuals and organizations with common interests and skills. Powerful geomappping features can map up to 100,000 data points and features automatic clustering based upon zoom level. Individuals and organizations may be categorized in a myriad of ways. Easy to use volunteer and staff tracking provides records hours worked and services provided.

Advanced Geo Search & Housing Listings
With Real Time Bed Availability

Active in 11 states so far, this site is going national quickly. People recovering from alcohol or drug addict can locate safe, nearby sober houses. In the past, houses with open beds were difficult to find because there was no central site that carried real time bed availability information. This site does that and also carries detailed listings of the attributes of each house and it many cases its rating.

ECommerce Middleware

We specialize in ecommerce site and backend integrations. For this site, we built the middleware, which allows this site, and many planned future sites, to integrate with an Info ERP system. Using the Windows Communication Foundation this "blackbox" allows many different sites, whether they are B2B or B2C sites, to communicate with the backend system in real time. This allows companies to keep complex customer and pricing rules stored in powerful ERP systems while giving them complete flexibility for the design and functionality of frontend websites.

Underwriting Solutions Management

This unique site assists life insurance brokers and agents in obtaining expert advice and strategies to support field underwriting. Rapid Exposure developed the tools to allow a rapid flow of information to provide timely research, packaging and staging techniques to yield favorable underwriting decisions.